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Its My Blogaversary

Hey Party People,

Today we all need to take a brief, nay, MAJOR moment to celebrate the fact that THE ATTITUDE IS GRATITUDE is one year old!!! March 22 marks the one-year milestone. Happy Blogaversary to me! I want to express immense gratitude to each and every one of you who has been with me on this journey so far. If you have read each post diligently, thank-you. If this is your first one, welcome. If you pull up a post when it calls to you – that’s perfect. No matter your connection to me or these weekly posts I hope my words have resonated with you and have encouraged you to live into the life you want. If you have not subscribed yet, it would mean the world to me if you did. I have something special in the works just for my subscribers coming soon. Something that I know will help you follow your heart nudge.

This is a special moment for me, and something I want to celebrate. I created this blog at the onset of COVID-19, at a time where the world legit felt like it was crumbling around us. To this day I’m still not sure why I started writing. It wasn’t something that I had been thinking about or pondering for a while, but something pulled me to just go for it. Walking along on a little country road next to my mama, I said it out loud, “I think I’m going to start a blog.” That evening I went home and figured out just enough to set up a site – nothing flashy, nothing technical, I just needed a platform. The same platform you can visit here. One year later and over 60 posts shared, THE ATTITUDE IS GRATITUDE is still here, and that is worth celebrating! *mini-wave in celebration!*

How many things have you started in life and never finished, or you set it aside, or simply just stepped away from? I’m sure there is at least one. We always move on to something else that someone else wants us to do, or that will please others, often leaving our wants and desires to be shelved. I say enough of that let’s do more of what we love.

It’s not easy to commit to something new, to start something from scratch, and to keep on doing it. There were many days I felt like no one gave an actual f*ck what I was writing (except my mama, #BiggestFan) and I questioned why I was even doing it. I had times where I questioned my worth for even sharing my thoughts and opinions, what right did I have to give other people advice? I almost quit writing less than 2 months into beginning. I wrote I Don’t Get an Opinion and shared this struggle but somehow found a belief in myself to choose hope and to keep going.

I am giving myself one damn big pat on the back for this milestone.