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Love on Yo' Self!

Hey Party People,

Have you ever seen yourself through someone else’s eyes? You know, the way your best friend see’s you, how your other half lights up when they talk about you, or how your boss sings your praises.

It’s because they see so much more than you let yourself see. They don’t see all the perceived flaws you think you have. They don’t criticize you and tell you you’re not doing enough (and if they are, well that’s a different conversation and I’ll go out on a limb and tell you, they’re NOT YOUR PEOPLE – get new ones).

So, When will you ever be enough?

When you make ‘x’ amount of money. Nope, that’s false.

When you find the love of your life. Wrong again.

When that promotion comes through. #nope.

When you lose 20 pounds. Again, not true!

While some of these things may contribute to your happiness, they are not the foundations of your happiness. YOU. You are the foundation of your own world, and how you see yourself matters. And how you love on yourself matters.

So today I want you to compliment the shit out of yourself. And I want you to receive any and all the praise that comes your way.

Notice how you feel when others give you a compliment or sing your praises. Do you immediately shy away and say, “oh stop it.” Or completely deny it with a straight up, “no no no.” A great example is when someone compliments your hair or your outfit – our im