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Own Your Power

Hey Party People,

Transitions can be challenging, and I’ve just come out on the other side of a big one where I was struggling. I was constantly questioning everything - where I should put my focus, where my energy was needed, and what I should do next. It’s been about 2 months since I finished up my “real” job and I’m still finding my footing.

As a quick reminder, I chose to leave my job in the non-profit sector at the beginning of 2021. At the end of February, I set off onto the next phase of my journey. I decided to leave this role for several reasons, but the deepest and most true reason was that it was no longer meant for me. It was no longer the place for me and my gifts. I battled with the decision and it was agonizing to leave behind a great foundation and respected position to step into a world of endless unknowns. I didn’t have a plan when I left and up until this past week, I still felt completely astray. I had ideas and possibilities of what I might do but I was hit with endless mental blocks that prevented me from truly believing I could any of it.

I’ve said it so before - it’s scary to choose ourselves. It's scary to choose a path less travelled. It’s scary when you don’t know what the next step is. It’s scary to surrender and to trust that you are exactly where you are supposed to be. I honestly feel like I’m living in a constant state of the unknown, and it gets hard. It’s getting hard. IT IS HARD.

When you step into a life you choose, it is filled with such beauty and fulfillment because you put trust in yourself and said I am worthy. What’s hard is that every day forward you have to keep choosing yourself. You have to keep saying yes to the life you want. And that isn’t easy, but it's worth it!

We aren’t trained or taught that our dreams matter, that what we want is legit, or that we are capable of making it happen. I struggle with doubt almost every single day and I’ve been lured many times to step back into the mainstream. To look for another 9-5 and have someone else establish my workplan and weekly and monthly goals. It’s a lot easier to have someone else tell you what to do every day.

My struggle is job-related, for you it might be relationship struggles, or body image, deciding to get vaccinated, or to home school your kids. There are many things you could be questioning, and we always look to what everyone else is doing, it’s natural to do this. It’s easier to follow the crowd but a lot harder not to. I’m not saying one is better than the other, or one is right or wrong. But going against the crowd is much harder because it requires you to make every damn choice for yourself. When you choose based on your desires, there is no one else to blame or celebrate when you fail or triumph. That’s both the blessing and curse of following your own compass.

And honestly… I don’t know if it gets easier, but what I do know is that it’s worth it. Your life is yours to live, so why not take control of it. When we accept the status quo as all there is, we’re simply going through the motions and not living our best life. We’re living an average one. It’s a pre-cut version similar to everyone else.

The challenge is having clarity on what you want and a belief that you’re capable of going after them. I have struggled with clarity because I am used to someone else making the plan. Now I am fully in control of what’s next and that kind of personal power is scary. I’ve never had this kind of personal control before and I admittedly am afraid of my own power.

When we fear our own potential, we look for ways to sabotage our progress. I’ve found endless reasons, excuses, and distractions to keep me from moving forward on my path. I’ve let my limiting beliefs tell me that I carry no legitimacy. I’ve made excuses that I’m keeping all my options open. I’ve let in distractions *cough dating sites are the biggest time waster out there* that veer my attention away from my vision.

All of these are forms of resistance and have deterred me from embodying my deeper purpose. But I am coming back to my centre. I have been enticed to return to what I know, but it doesn’t feel right. It feels easy. But easy isn’t always better. Easy isn’t always best and I don’t want to give up before I even started. This is why coming back to your centre is so important.

If you’re resisting, sabotaging, or avoiding stepping into your true power… let go. Let yourself shine. I’m here right along with you, scared AF just like you. I don’t know what is going to happen, but tomorrow is never guaranteed so don’t wait for the “right time.” And don’t wait to have a plan. Step into your power and use it. It’s scary, I KNOW! But we all need to step into our power. Take baby bites and baby steps towards owning who you truly are. The world needs your gifts, more than you know.

Let go of all the things you should do and stop making your decisions based on everyone else. Choose for your damn self, own your power, and get to work. (that message might have been more for me than y’all, but I hope it landed with some of you too.) As always, I believe in you, even if you don’t just yet! Let’s own our power together.

And if you need a party jam to remind you, this one gave me kick-ass inspiration after a run last week.

With Gratitude


P.S. If you know someone who needs to step into their power, send them this post and give them the added encouragement they need. We all need a kick in the butt or a reminder that we are the leaders of our own life. There are three little dots at the top of this post where you can easily share on your social channels as well!

P.P.S The lyrics of this week’s party jam are so key that I wanted to share them below so they really land…

People say I’m foolish

People say I’m blinded by faith

But if I run out of air

If I crash, I don’t care.

I’m gonna do it my way.

I can make it through this

You can throw the world in my face

But the fear gives me life

And I swear till I die….

I’m gonna do it my way.

Every time they build a wall around me,

I will tear it down and say,

Imma live my dreams.

Gotta live my dreams.

Even when the floods rush round to drown me,

I just hold my breath and pray,

Let me live my dreams,

Every single one of my,

I ain’t quitting none of my dreams.”


May 18, 2021

Beautiful words I needed to hear this past week for myself. I was allowing limiting beliefs to creep in, not believing i was making a difference in what I was doing, I was not the right person for this position etc. Etc. I blew it all up and wanted to give up and take the easy road and just keep doing what I know. BUT my heart is stronger, my spirit is stronger, and my soul is speaking louder than ever. I’m not giving up, as I work with an amazing team that is making a difference together, each and everyday


May 18, 2021


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