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Past, Present, or Future?

Hey Party People,

ICYMI! I’ve been working on a book; well I’ve actually finished writing one! Can you believe it?! I’m both in awe of myself and in disbelief. I mean I even have an editor! Cool right? Something she told me gave me the jazzy feels. She told me that out of all the people who want to write a book only 3% write one. Those are tough odds, but I’m in that 3%!

The reason I bring this up is that throughout the editing process I’ve had to fine-tune my voice and my message. It’s a nonfiction book if you hadn’t guessed yet and will fall into the personal development realm. And recently I’ve been digging into the concept of letting go to receive. We need to make space or potentially remove ourselves from our regular day-to-day to gain new perspectives or allow new things to come in. Then today a podcast dropped an amazing line that resonated on a new level.

“People are more in love with their past than they are with their future.”

We fall victim to dwelling on the past and reliving those moments. Or we romanticize the past and long for the good times. When we do this, we are training our brain to live in the past and focus on the same experiences, therefore, producing the same results and same experiences in the present. This is problematic when our present isn’t what we want it to be. When we fail to forecast ourselves and our thoughts into the future and stay stuck in the past, we are going to have a really hard time getting want we want or manifesting our true desires.

You might be thinking I thought we were supposed to live in the present? We absolutely are but so few of us do. We live in the past and stay stuck in the limitations we’ve experienced to date and then we project these limitations onto our present and into our future.

Said another way we have been conditioned by our past experiences. We know how the past worked out, whether it was good or bad doesn’t matter, but we know the end result. The future, which could also be good or bad, is unknown. We don’t like the unknown because we don’t know what to expect. It makes us uncomfortable. This is why it becomes so hard to take big risks or take a leap like I did when I quit my job. Without certainty around the next step or our future, we get stuck in paralysis and try to keep things the same. There is certainty in sameness– or at least we think there is.

Imagine if we lived in the present moment with the perspective of our future self, instead of our past self. Meaning we practice who we want to be, we practice what we want to feel, we are the people we want to attract. We practice it through our thoughts and actions in the present.

The message I want to drive home is that by living in the past – in our past decisions, pain, trauma, identities - we limit ourselves. When we choose to be more present and visionary of our future we can begin to tap into limitlessness. It’s a big jump to go from limited to limitless but it does sound kinda cool right?

It’s not easy. I’ve been battling the past and future versions of myself a lot over the past few months as I try to figure out “who I’m supposed to be.” I’m used to being a particular person, working in a particular field, then at the same time here I am writing a freaking book. I’m trying to claim and OWN the identity of being a writer. It feels weird and it feels foreign, but that’s the future version of myself I want to be. I have to believe it and lean into it to make it possible.

You’re doing yourself a disservice if you stay stuck in the past or the past version of who you were because every day you are changing. If you’re an avid reader of my blog you’re also probably committed to that change and personal growth. Release the past versions of yourself and step toward the future you want. Acknowledge all the work you’ve done and get excited about all the experiences we have yet to have. Let’s fall in love with who we are becoming.

Here’s a link to the podcast if you’re interested! I legit stopped to write this halfway through the episode. PODCAST à Jay Shetty’s On Purpose w/ Dr. Joe Dispenza - Unlocking the Unlimited Power of the Mind (on Spotify)

And of course, let’s get to rockin’! Here’s your Party Jam, build a life bigger than the fears you have. I believe in you, even if you don’t just yet.

With Gratitude,


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