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Set It Free

Hey Party People,

I am writing to you from the beautiful, magical, and HOT AF paradise of Costa Rica. This place has true power, at least for me, and it's why I am here. To connect, release, heal, and get fired up! My challenge will be figuring out where to start. Today’s not about that though… Today I want to talk about those projects, goals, relationships, jobs, desires or dreams – choose the word that best resonates with you. The project we start when we are inspired AF but continue to hold onto only because we feel we should. And today I want to give you permission to set it free.

Just a couple weeks ago my blog turned 2. Two years of writing and sharing on The Attitude is Gratitude. What a beautiful journey it has been. I felt called to start a blog at the onset of COVID to share my positive vibes and energy. I had just returned from a personal development conference (RISE with Rachel Hollis) in March of 2020 and I was FIRED UP. I wanted to take on the world, instead, the world shut down…

But I followed the nudge to start this blog. I didn’t know how, or what I was doing. It started on Blogger because all I wanted was a platform to share. Then eventually I built my own blog website which has now morphed into my book and coaching website. It’s where I share all the things now!! My site has evolved into my own, which is pretty cool.

Over the course of the past two years I also shifted how much and how often I posted. In the beginning, I was writing twice a week. Then with some gentle nudging, I was encouraged to post only once a week and I’ll be honest this was hard at first because I felt like I had to continue with how I started. Be consistent. I started with twice a week and felt I needed to maintain that. But why? No one was creating this expectation except myself. So I started posting once a week and this felt better, less pressure to “be inspiring.” Then once a week morphed into twice a month. This choice was somewhat forced on me because I wasn’t in a good space myself and writing to you was something I did not have in me at one time. I pulled posts from the previous year to share instead. Later when I did go back to writing I kept my postings to every two weeks, I didn't want to pressure myself into things.

My inspiration to write and what to write, also evolved. At the start of my blog I had endless ideas and concepts to share. I had notes in my phone full of ideas so all I had to do was sit down, pick one, and write it out. This is no longer the case and hasn’t been for a while. Instead, I find myself intentionally searching for ideas. I think this is normal as we go through different seasons but it got me thinking – is this still what I want?