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Set It Free

Hey Party People,

I am writing to you from the beautiful, magical, and HOT AF paradise of Costa Rica. This place has true power, at least for me, and it's why I am here. To connect, release, heal, and get fired up! My challenge will be figuring out where to start. Today’s not about that though… Today I want to talk about those projects, goals, relationships, jobs, desires or dreams – choose the word that best resonates with you. The project we start when we are inspired AF but continue to hold onto only because we feel we should. And today I want to give you permission to set it free.

Just a couple weeks ago my blog turned 2. Two years of writing and sharing on The Attitude is Gratitude. What a beautiful journey it has been. I felt called to start a blog at the onset of COVID to share my positive vibes and energy. I had just returned from a personal development conference (RISE with Rachel Hollis) in March of 2020 and I was FIRED UP. I wanted to take on the world, instead, the world shut down…

But I followed the nudge to start this blog. I didn’t know how, or what I was doing. It started on Blogger because all I wanted was a platform to share. Then eventually I built my own blog website which has now morphed into my book and coaching website. It’s where I share all the things now!! My site has evolved into my own, which is pretty cool.

Over the course of the past two years I also shifted how much and how often I posted. In the beginning, I was writing twice a week. Then with some gentle nudging, I was encouraged to post only once a week and I’ll be honest this was hard at first because I felt like I had to continue with how I started. Be consistent. I started with twice a week and felt I needed to maintain that. But why? No one was creating this expectation except myself. So I started posting once a week and this felt better, less pressure to “be inspiring.” Then once a week morphed into twice a month. This choice was somewhat forced on me because I wasn’t in a good space myself and writing to you was something I did not have in me at one time. I pulled posts from the previous year to share instead. Later when I did go back to writing I kept my postings to every two weeks, I didn't want to pressure myself into things.

My inspiration to write and what to write, also evolved. At the start of my blog I had endless ideas and concepts to share. I had notes in my phone full of ideas so all I had to do was sit down, pick one, and write it out. This is no longer the case and hasn’t been for a while. Instead, I find myself intentionally searching for ideas. I think this is normal as we go through different seasons but it got me thinking – is this still what I want?


I had a book launch event at the end of March (which was so soul-filling and beautiful, and I was inspired AF after it came to an end. But that’s a different story for another day.) During the event I did a talk that incorporated passages from my book and some personal inspo from me. While I was sharing I said two things, that are relevant to this post, to the audience.

  1. When the dream/goal/desire we once had is no longer ours we need to recognize that it might be time to step back or let it go.

  2. Ask yourself what you want. Continuously. Because what we want now might be different 5 years down the road. What we wanted 5 years ago is likely different than what we want today. Checking in is so so important.

And so I heard myself say these things – like really heard it and so I reflected…

Technically I “should have” posted the same day at the Book Launch but I didn’t, I didn't feel called to, so I didn't. This also lead to me thinking… Do I want to continue writing my blog or am I doing it just to do it? Has it become just another thing on my to do list or does it light me up? And honestly it’s become another item on a list.

So this post will be my last… for awhile. I believe I’ll have nudges or messages to share and who knows what they will look like or how I will share them. But for now, I am setting The Attitude is Gratitude free.

So I leave you with this. Reflect on what you want and why you’re doing it – is there something you need to set free? When going after your dreams or goals, working on a relationship, starting a business, and building the life you want, it's key to continuously check in with yourself. Make sure you're still following your desires, and allow yourself to change direction, shift, change, or do it differently than you thought. Most often that is where the magic happens. So let go and lean into the magic inside you - follow what is meant for you and set free the things that no longer are.

Here’s your party jam to remind you that you just need to mother f*ckin’ love yourself. You are worthy regardless of what you do, or don't do.

With SO MUCH FREAKING LOVE AND GRATITUDE, I sign off for now. Thank you to anyone who has been with me along this journey. My OG readers who never missed a post (you know who you are), or to ANYone who is new to the blog. Thank-you for every minute you shared with me.


P.S. Want to stay in touch? I just started my Fulfillment Club! I host a group the last Tuesday of every month (it's currently FREE) where I will be sharing mini coaching lessons. It will be a safe open space to share and connect with your dreams and desires. Sign up here to get more info! Or of course, catch me on the Gram! Instagram that is @TheOnlySaraStepa.


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