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It's About Something Different Not Something More

Let me paint a picture for you… of who I used to be. I used to do ALL the things, ALL the time. I didn’t know how to slow down or be present.

I used to require 4-6 weeks notice to make plans… WITH MY FRIENDS.

I used to push myself harder when I was sick, instead of resting, because I "didn’t have time to be sick."

I used to go to the gym 4-5 days a week, yet was never happy or satisfied with my body.

I used to drink heavily on the regular. I told myself it was for fun, but really it was a release, an escape from the busyness I had created in my life.

I used to feel important based on my job title.

I used to believe I needed to work more and do more to be successful.

My anxiety and over-run nervous system used to prevent me from taking a full breath.

I used to think this was all normal…

Do you see yourself in any of these characteristics or patterns? I've learned how common these feelings and actions are in our society and how hard it can feel to change them. Perhaps you feel the same and want something different but don’t know where to start.

I didn’t either.

In fact, when I started on this journey I wanted to do more, and not more in a good way. The key was understanding that I wanted something different, not necessarily more.

When you desire something different for your life, you will gain more in the process in pursuing it. But it's up to you to take a step towards the you that you wanna be and the dreams you want to chase after.

Accountability. Support. Love. A Desire to change.

These are all integral pieces to your inevitable transformation. Below I share all the ways I am here to help you in whatever ways might call to you. You gotta start somewhere and you gotta start someday, why not today?

Dream Builder Program (on now!) 22 Days of LIVE daily videos to help you tap into your dream, guide you closer to yourself, and start connecting to what YOU want. LIVE program runs August 10-31st, but you can drop in anytime during or after. Cost: $222

1:1 Coaching. Together we will strengthen your connection to your true self and help you find the courage to step into all that you are. Cost: 8 weeks - $1234 Pay in Full, or $722/month.) Email me at to chat details.

UNVEIL. A program designed to help you look inward and unveil a deeper understanding of your doubts, fears, and beliefs at a level you never have before. Cost: $222 *includes a 30 min 1:1 call.

V-V-VIP AscendA Year long container. Do you know how much growth can happen in a year? With Ascend you will grow from the person you are today into a playful, more aware, and connected version of yourself. You'll also get access to UNVEIL, the Dream Builder program AND the Journey Seeker community with this one. Investment: $2345 PIF or $234 monthly. Are you craving in-person connection and guidance? In person pricing -

$3333 PIF or $333 Monthly

Journey Seeker Community - The ultimate way to dip your toes into personal growth. This community is hosted by myself and my friend Amanda Joy Gill. We both have a zest for life and simply want to share our energy with those just starting their personal growth journey. We have monthly group coaching sessions and a monthly Book Club! Cost: $22.22/month.

It’s scary to take that first step because it means you believe you are worthy of it (which you are!), but we often don’t hold that belief in ourselves early on. Start somewhere with one of the options above and begin your journey towards a you that knows what they want.

I believe in you even if you don’t just yet.

Text me with any questions 587--583---2715.

With Gratitude,



1 Comment

Aug 11, 2022

Such an amazing line up of resource. The first step is the hardest and taking that first leap will change your world in so many beautiful ways. I speak from experience, when you believe you are worthy life can change to something you never dreamed possible. 😍

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