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Stop and Smell the Flowers

Hey Party People,

Happy FIRST Long Weekend of the Summer! I’ll be enjoying my first camping weekend when this lands in your inbox. Oh, how I love the smell of a campfire and being outdoors.

This week I want to remind you to enjoy the little things in life. I mean when was the last time you stopped to smell the flowers, took in a breath of fresh air or enjoyed the aromas of your morning coffee? Stop to smell the roses - it’s a common saying we hear but not one we often practice – wouldn’t you agree?

Life gets in the way and we are rushing from one task, one place, or from one kid to another. We forget to take notice of the beauty that surrounds us, the little things that make life worth it. I took notice of all the trees blooming in my community this morning and even stopped to smell the flowers. Yes, I physically stopped in the street to smell the new blooms.

Spring is a beautiful time to take notice of new growth and new blooms – I mean this literally and metaphorically. There is physical growth and transformation all around us during this time, as the grass comes out of dormancy, trees bloom, and the tulips and daffodils smile. It’s also happening within ourselves. As the days get longer and the weather warmer we naturally have more energy and a pep in our step. This pep comes from change and transition.