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The Crossroads

Hey Party People,

Life can be a bit of a gong show sometimes and these past couple of years it just feels like there’s always something. Anyone else or just me and my family? During these times it’s up to us to decide how we address it and if we rise high or dip low.

Every once in a while though we come to a crossroads where it’s not a turbulent up or down but it’s a time where we get to make a choice. This probably happens more often than you think, you just don’t know you’re choosing these different options. Each time you come to a crossroads you have three choices.

  • You can stay the same.

  • You can continue on the path you’ve planned out or,

  • You can choose the unknown.

No choice is better than the other but each will present different challenges. When you choose to stay the same you think you know what to expect and have ways to deal and cope with what