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The Work That Nobody Sees…

Hey Party People,

This summer I spent a lot of time with myself, A LOT. It was difficult and uncomfortable, and at times I fought with myself quite a bit. I didn’t trust that where I was going would be brighter and lighter, but instead was fighting to stay in the dark and the dull.

There are so many words and lessons that I want to share from the past couple of months, but I don’t yet have the words. They will flow when they are meant to but what I can tell you is that there is value in the work that nobody sees. Value in working on yourself, stepping back from people, work, social media, to truly focus on yourself. There is value in the retreat within and we can do that only when we quiet the world around us.

It’s not easy to retreat. It’s lonely, it's isolating, it's scary. It’s you, yourself, and your mind and when we are spiralling in our own thoughts, it's difficult to stay there. You want to escape, distract, forget, or run away. You want to do anything you can to feel a reprieve, even for just a moment. But with every moment that you sit with yourself, you get just a little closer to remembering who you are. The pure and infinite version of you.

When we sit with ourselves, without distractions, we begin to remember who we are at a deeper level. We can feel all of the hurts in a new way and we see our limitations with a new perspective. In addition, we realize that our perceived negatives have a mirror, an opposing force that balances each limitation with possibility. All of this lives inside of us and we remember this only when we look within.

This happens in the work that others cannot see. It is internal work. It is only within ourselves that we can rediscover ourselves. We’re conditioned to want and need external validation, for others to say I’m proud of you, or to acknowledge the work you are doing. But true soul work is not contingent on the outside world, it can only happen in your own.

I feel this desire to articulate what this work feels like or why it’s important but this work is not for the external. How it makes me feel will not be the same as how it makes you feel. It’s simply for ourselves.

So if you’re working on yourself or you’re deep in the trenches of your own mind, remind yourself this work is for you. You are exactly where you are supposed to be my love. Remember that even when it feels untrue. I believe in you and your journey, even if you don’