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Zoom Out

Hey Party People,

I was rather restless the morning I wrote this, opening my eyes just past 4:30 am. My mind resists these wee hours and I tell myself to go back to bed. Sleep wasn’t looping back around though so by 5:30 am I said screw it, let’s get up, you can have a nap later (one perk about working from home and as a solopreneur, #NapTime!)

I find myself feeling extremely grateful for where I am this chilly November morning, accepting of who I am and feeling connected to myself in a new way. Accepting all the changes I’ve been making over the past 18 months and allowing them to truly soak in. They are ringing true at a cellular level now.

What allows me to feel this immense sense of gratitude is zooming out, truly reflecting on the changes I have made, for me. I don’t think we do this often enough. We forget the challenges we’ve overcome, the problems we’ve solved, the mountains we’ve scaled, and our wounds now reduced to scars. You forget how strong you really are.

When you reflect, especially these past 18-20 months, I can guarantee you’ve overcome some tough shit. You’ve had to dig deep to get through. And I want you to remember that! You did that and you are still here with dreams, and goals, and creative ideas, and a life still to be lived. So when you’re looking forward to new goals, or if you’re a keener like me into 2022, the way forward is to take a broader look.

Become an observer of your own life.

Become a compassionate witness of all you’ve done and overcome.

Become an outsider looking in without judgement.

When you zoom out you can see how things have always worked out for you. Can you see how all the lessons unfolded, the situations worked out, and the people fell into place exactly as they should have? How many times have you been thankful for the things that didn’t work out? The universe knows what’s up and is always bringing to you what is meant for you.

When you zoom out, you’re not only in reflective mode, but you’re also able to imagine what’s possible up ahead. Are you living the life you desire? Are you content, happy, joyful, or fulfilled in your day to day? If not, why not?

And you can check your excuses at the door right now. If the past 2 years have taught me facking anything, it’s that shit can change in an instant. Stop waiting for the right time. The right time is now. The right time to choose you will always be right now.

Look back and remember how much you’ve freaking done, then dream forward with an appreciation for all the life you’ve already lived. You are enough, you are worthy, and you are here for a reason – are you ready? Let’s get living and end the last 45(ish) days of 2022 with magic in our hearts.

Here are two party jams to reflect on what has been then another to get you hyped up to barrel forward with new enthusiasm.

With Gratitude,


P.S. If my words resonated with you this week consider sharing them with another, maybe they need a supporting perspective today too. If you want a little more inspo on the regular you can catch me on the gram @TheOnlySaraStepa. Can’t wait to connect!

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14 nov. 2021

Zooming Out 🥰 Each and everyday that I move forward in my life’s journey I truly take a moment to open my heart to be grateful. I can feel the difference in myself and the people around me too. I have been surprised that when I’m open, honest, about myself my loved ones around me offer support in ways I didn’t believe was possible. By being your authentic self with love & kindness others feel your joy, happiness, gratitude 🙏🏻 and will support you each and every day. I can look back in my rear view mirror and see all the obstacles I have overcome & am excited to step into my power of self.

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