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I didn't choose to become an Entrepreneur...

I quit my job… but I didn't choose to become an entrepreneur.

Hey Party People,

For those of you who know my story, I left my very stable, management-level, high-paying, respected job at the height of the pandemic. It didn't make sense on paper, AT ALL. But I knew it was the right decision for me at the time, and honestly, I've never looked back or had any regrets.

But for me, A + B did not = C. Aka I did not leave my job with the intention of becoming an entrepreneur in the beginning. It took me over a year to truly embrace and embody that identity for myself.

When I decided to quit my job without any solid plans in place people asked, “What are you going to do next?” and when I responded with, “No idea!” and a big smile on my face I was met with equal amounts of Kudos, and Good for you vibes while the others looked at me like I was nuts.

I gave my notice in January of 2021, and left by the end of February that same year. And it wasn’t until over a year later, after I published my book, and started coaching (aka started a business...) that I realized I didn’t consciously choose to become an entrepreneur. And you might have a very similar experience for yourself and think that being an entrepreneur is not something you're striving for. I get it! I was it! I didn't choose to be an entrepreneur.

You might be a bit confused though and think, what do you mean you didn’t choose to be an entrepreneur? You have two of your own businesses now... obviously you did.

And you’d be right, in a sense…. but again A+B did NOT = C in a straight forward way.

What I mean to say is that I didn’t quit with the intention of being an entrepreneur.

I didn’t quit with a plan to start my own business.

I didn’t quit and think yeah I’m gonna give it a go solo.

But rather…

I chose freedom.

I chose my creativity.

I chose not to find another 9-5 job.

I chose to write (Have you read my book Choosing Fulfillment is Scary AF?)

I chose to heal.

I chose to build my own thing.

I chose space.

I chose to figure it out.

I chose options.

I chose to find my real purpose.

I chose uncertainty.

I chose trust.

I chose a dwindling savings account.

I chose afternoon naps.

I chose to believe I would be ok…

But NEVER did I say, I'm choosing to be an entrepreneur. And that's the biggest point I want you to understand. When we get clear on what we want and start choosing it, we don't get to choose how it plays out in the external world.

For me, I started on this journey of becoming an entrepreneur before I even knew I was on it…

Part 2 Coming Soon...


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Nov 04, 2023

It has been quite the journey you have travelled, lots of peaks & valleys to this destination. I know your travels will never end as you live out your purpose. You inspire & support so many as you guide others on their own journeys. Keep shining that bright light

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