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Walking into the Darkness

Surrender. Release the desire to fight back. Let yourself free fall into your darkness. Breathe, it's going to be ok.

It is in our depths where our darkness meets our light, where yin meets yang, and our strengths match our weaknesses. It is here at the intersection where we are most pure, where our soul is most whole, and where we are one.

I think we all turn away from the deepest and darkest parts of who we are because it’s the best way we know how to protect ourselves. We’ve built up behaviours, habits, and beliefs that protect us from the depths we believe need to stay hidden. We think this protects us but really they’re just smoke screens keeping us from our truest selves.

It is in our darkness and the depths of our despair, that we can really look at who we are, who we’ve become and ask if this is who we want to be. It is in our darkness where our truest selves live – all the insecurities, all the terrible things we’ve done, all the beliefs we have that we are not worthy. But it is also in these depths where all the amazing things we’ve accomplished live as well, all our strengths and our greatest potential. It's in this dark expanse that we can meet ourselves most authentically, without masks, without our outward identities, but as ourselves, stripped of our armour, stripped of any protective barrier we have from the outside world.