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What is Gratitude?

Gratitude is about seeking appreciation for all of life's experiences. The abundance, bliss, hardships, and lessons we go through create the unique journey we have in this crazy thing called life.  

How can we embody Gratitude?

We can embody gratitude by finding bliss in the beauty we already possess. 
We can embody gratitude by disconnecting from a victim mindset. 
We can embody gratitude by reaching for deeper meaning. 
We can embody gratitude by searching for the lessons. 

How can we practice Gratitude?

Gratitude is not solely about reaching for the good feelings and finding appreciation for the lives we have, Sometimes we have to seek appreciation for the hard things too.

It is only through hardship and failure that we will learn life's deeper lessons. 

We often shy away from lower vibrations or less desirable feelings such as sadness, fear or anxiety and instead try to mask it with positive thoughts.

That's not what gratitude means here. 

Here we practice gratitude by loving and accepting all of ourselves and everything that we are. We explore our feelings, ask questions, and live deeper.  

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