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It looks different for everyone...

Being an entrepreneur doesn't look the same for everyone and that's why it's so fundamentally important to define what it looks like for you.

I described in my previous post (check the links at the bottom of this page), that being an entrepreneur is the same as being in sales or network marketing, it's true for individuals with a side hustle or aspiring to create one and it wholeheartedly relates to artists and creatives.

You may not identify with being an entrepreneur right now but if you want to create something that's you're own or you want new streams of income for yourself or family, or you want to share your work with others and get paid - these are all options for your as an entrepreneur.

I invite you to embrace your identity as an entrepreneur and change the narrative about what that looks like in your life.

For some it means multiple streams of income (don't we all dream for that!)

For others it's about doing what lights you up!

For me I want time and the income that grants me more freedom.

And I want us all to experience fearless joy along this journey.

Who's done waiting and ready to change the narrative?

This is your calling. This is your sign. This is your opportunity to TRY.

Last call to jump into Entrepreneur - A different way. We start Friday.

With gratitude,


P.S. If this program isn't for you, stay tuned for an exciting 21-day challenge coming your way soon!



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