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Let's Get Sh*t Done!

I'm offering a Free FOCUS working group inside the Best Kind of Growth FB group!!

This is going down next Thursday, October 26th @ 10AM.

Hey Party People,

It's been a minute since I dropped you a note and I'm sorry for that, but I'm still here working on myself day by day. I'm regaining my focus, my strength and my PURPOSE to show up for you. So today I'm inviting you to...

Stop thinking and start doing.

We alllllll have things we want to do or achieve, and we all say we don’t have time.

I’m guilty just as much as you, but we all have the same 24hrs in a day, and we all have a choice in how we use that time.

Join me and let’s bring some focus to our intentions and get some shit done!

This FOCUS group is meant to be a working session just for you to set aside some time and bring clarity to your goals. Together let's be more intentional with the remaining days of 2023 and gain momentum as we head into 2024 (Eeek! that's just around the corner!)

I'll be going LIVE next Thursday at 10am!

See you there!



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