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Love Yourself Through This

This post is for anyone feeling lost, for anyone feeling overwhelmed, or for anyone who just doesn't know what to do. I found this Love Letter in a folder within my writing. It was a letter I wrote from my soul to my hurting soul at the time, and today I want to share it with you.

My Dearest Soul,

If only you could see the purity found in your heart. The love that resides inside you, waiting to be tapped and expressed. To flow through your body as you appreciate all that it does for you.

Love yourself through this.

You’ve heard before that love is the most powerful force, that love can conquer all. I often associate love almost exclusively with romantic love. Love for or from a partner. We also hear things about “Self-love” but it's muddied with marketing schemes to book a massage, get your hair done, or buy yourself that latte you’ve been depriving yourself of.

Love yourself through this.

Self-love though is not about the actions you take outside of yourself, it’s the energy you cultivate within yourself. And that energy is pure, that energy is vast, and that energy is never-ending. What gets in the way is us. We put limits on our Self, and we let our minds take control. But my beautiful soul, love is always there. Love resides within you, unlimited.

Love yourself through this.

Look within your own heart and all the love and kindness and patience you possess for everyone you encounter in this world and turn it inward. Tell yourself it's ok to feel discouraged, who wouldn’t in your current circumstance? But you won’t be here forever.

Tell yourself to quiet the fear stories, because that is all they are, stories that are running wild within, but have no truth. They will only have power or truth if you act upon them, or believe them to be true. What if you told yourself a different story, one of love, one of hope, and one full of light? Step one, simply quiet the fear stories raging inside, and love yourself through this.

Tell yourself that change is hard, but you are putting in the work. Acknowledge the effort you put in day in and day out. Put more emphasis on the positive actions and less on the setbacks. Setbacks are simply lessons unlearned.

Tell yourself to love yourself through this. You are worthy of your own healing and you are worthy of love.


Please share this with anyone who might be in a state of turmoil or feeling discouraged. May it will bring them the hope they need in a dark moment.

With Love,



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