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New Ground. Middle Ground.

Hey Party People,

As things in Alberta open up it feels weird. Super weird. Walking into stores without a mask – uh is this allowed now? Seeing sporting events on TV with THOUSANDS of people – ummm how is that safe? Stampede is in full swing with crowds and rides, and I am 1000% more aware of high-touch surfaces.

I’m also becoming aware of how isolating COVID has been for all of us. We ALL know how isolating it was, but we tried our best to deal and push through without really paying attention or admitting how fucking hard it really was.

I always had it in the back of my mind that I was pretty isolated, that I spent A LOT of time alone, but I thought I was doing ok. I still connected with friends here and there, saw my family etc. But it hasn’t been the same. I realize the impact more clearly as I saw people flocking to Stampede events, or back to the patios because they were craving people and social interaction. If you’re an introvert, you might be feeling the complete opposite and be having major anxiety with everything opening up. Either way, it’s been a lot and we have to admit how hard it was, how hard it is and then move forward. We’re going to have to retrain ourselves.