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Overcome your Doubts w/ a Bonus Playlist!

Grab your Bonus playlist inside to overcome your doubts and fears!

And today is the last call for pre-sale pricing for Entrepreneur - a different way.

Hey Party People,

Today is the last call for pre-sale pricing for Entrepreneur - a different way.

In this program, we will:

  • Teach you a different way to show up that doesn’t drain your energy.

  • Counter the hustle culture with one built on ease and flow.

  • Grow the trust and confidence you have in yourself.

  • Help align and accept your gifts as offers the world around you needs.

  • Build the foundational beliefs upon which your business will grow.

The program includes 6 modules and two 30-minute 1:1 calls. How exciting is THAT!?

Pricing jumps to $497 tomorrow...

You might think this program isn't for you because you're not an entrepreneur. In fact, I would have felt the same way when I was first starting. Even when I started my business, I didn't feel like an entrepreneur. Even after I got my first client I still didn't identify as an entrepreneur.

It took me over a year to claim my identity as an Entrepreneur!

If you don't identify as an entrepreneur (yet!), I get it. Perhaps you identify with a different label.

Do you work in network marketing?

Are you an artist or creative?

Shout out to my Business Beginners working full time, part time or ANY time on their biz.

Maybe you aspire to start your own side hustle or already have one?

Or maybe you're in sales.

No matter who you are I am going to help you change the narrative about business and help you connect with an identity that feeeeels good and not icky in your body.

Let's do this YOUR way! Are you Ready?

Presale ends tomorrow and pricing goes up to $497.

Did you think I forgot about your playlist? Never!
Here's one of my favourite playlists when I'm doubting my abilities.

And always remember, you are magic!



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