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That Someday Dream

Hey Party People!

Today I want to talk about that someday dream. Why is it that we always talk about someday when it comes to our hopes, dreams, and desires? When you dream about the life you want have you noticed that you often place a future label on when it will come true? We say, “oh maybe someday,” instead of getting off our behinds and making it happen. If we want our dreams to come true, it's up to us to claim our desires with realness and not with a far-off wonderment of what could be.

It’s easy to look around and see what others have accomplished and think, Wow, they are an inspiration! But when we turn inward and ask can I do that too? We cower, we put things off and think maybe someday.

So I ask why are we waiting until someday when today can be the start of it all? It’s because we take comfort in the idea of someday. We enjoy having our desires float in the clouds because it allows us to keep the dream alive without having to act. It gives us hope to hold onto because when our dreams remain in the potentiality of someday they are safe, no one can take them from us, we cannot fail, and no one has an opinion.

Are you keeping your dreams in the clouds of someday? If so why? Do you actually want your dreams to come true? If not now, then when? If COVID has taught us anything it's that things can change in a minute. Someday as you envision, might never come.

I guarantee you just had a flood of excuses for why now is “not a good time”, or why it’s not possible for you (I know because these excuses bubble up inside me too!). There will be many reasons and valid obstacles that could be a barrier for some of you, but for most of you, these are just excuses.

Ask yourself:

  • Where are you putting limitations on yourself and telling yourself you can’t?

  • What excuses are you telling yourself to keep your dreams in the clouds of someday?

  • Do you want to simply dream your dream or do you want to realize it?

  • Do you want it to come true or is the potential enough to keep you going?

  • Are you holding yourself back because you might fail or because you don’t feel worthy?

The answers to these questions might surprise you.

If you want to keep your dreams of someday in the clouds, you absolutely can, but don’t be upset when you wake up someday only to realize that it has passed. Whether you are 18, 33, 45, 62, or 75 years old, don’t wait. Whatever it is you want, I encourage you to go get it. If it’s a hazelnut croissant from your favourite café go get it. If it’s your favourite soup, go make it. If it’s healing others, go heal. If it’s finding happiness, go laugh.

Just like a book is written one page at a time, your dreams will only come true if you take it one step at a time. And yes I realize this is cliché and you’ve all heard this before I really want to challenge you and ask - is dreaming the dream enough for you? Or do you want something more? You are worthy of every desire in your heart and it is possible for you. So instead of waiting for someday why not try for today.

Here's your party jam to know you're not alone in reaching for your dream. I'm in your corner and I believe in you.

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With Gratitude,


P.S. DYK I am now offering 1:1 coaching? If you (or someone you know) feel stuck or want more but honestly have no clue where to start I’d love to help. I remember for years I would cringe at all the messaging around dreams because I didn’t know WTF I wanted, so how was I supposed to go after it? And that’s half the battle. First, we need to uncover and understand our deeper desires then we can start to go after them.

Would some extra support and accountability help? If you want to chat about working together reply to the original email, message me on the Gram (@theOnlySaraStepa), or text me @587-583-2715.

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Jan 24, 2022

Love the inspiration today! I believe that taking action towards a dream or goal is that FIRST step. It seems that one is the hardest of all, but when you begin tiny small actions towards that dream or goal it becomes closer each and everyday. There will be days that we may take time to reflect or pause how our journey is progressing. That is also an important piece of the puzzle. Continuing to move forward is one step at a time. Each tiny step will light the way for the next one.

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