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Hey Party People,

Have you ever gone through a time where nothing felt like it made sense? Where the life you were living was now foreign, or didn’t feel right anymore?

This was my experience last winter. I was struggling with not only my job, but with who I was, who my friends were, and what I was doing in LIFE! Maybe it was my pre-mid-life crisis. I hear that’s a thing in your 30’s. No? Just me?

Anyway, for me this time was a deep reflection of my life. I wasn’t viewing a job as just a job, or relationships as just people. I wanted everything to have more meaning and feel deeper… and I didn’t feel like I had that. I felt very out of soul.

Another term for what I was feeling is called the dark night of the soul. This wasn’t a term I’d heard before last year and I’m guessing its not one you’ve heard before either. The dark night of the soul is described as,