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The Power of Inner Work

One of the most important nuggets I’ve learned while becoming an entrepreneur is that doing the inner work IS working on my business. In the beginning, I struggled a lot with justifying how I spent my time and always felt like I wasn’t doing enough. I was heavily invested in 1:1 mentorship when I started and I spent a lot of time working on my inner beliefs. Just because I wanted to believe a new narrative didn’t mean that I wasn’t still influenced and highly conditioned by the outside world.

I had to work through layers and layers of beliefs just like you will. Together we can change the narrative and on the other side, you’ll have created a life (and business) that YOU designed.

Hey Party People,

I built a 6-figure business working 5-6 hours a day. And the funny thing was, I didn’t even realize it until about 6 weeks ago.

I’ll walk you through my typical day. I normally start my "work day" around 9 or 9:30 and I make it a priority to take a movement break at lunch. This usually consists of a 30-45 min walk or an inside workout now that winter arrived, and then I have lunch. I’ll wrap my day up by 4 or 4:30 and voila, my work day is done.

The super cool part about this though, was that early on I defined success (for me) as only working 5-6 hours a day. I wanted that extra time and freedom in my day and it came to fruition. We are capable of so much more than we think but what holds us back is not knowing what we're truly striving for. It’s vital to gain clarity about what you want your life, business or side hustle to look like. Only you can define it YOUR way.

Even if you’re not building a business, I can guarantee you have goals and the same principle applies. It's important to define what success means for that goal, for you and not for someone else.

Even though I've worked on these beliefs and reached success as I've defined it I can still feel like I’m not working hard enough or putting in enough hours. It’s normal and it becomes a continuous balance and learning process. I remind myself on the regular that I didn’t choose to become an entrepreneur to be stressed out or fully consumed by work. I choose to build a business that lights me up and works for me. I choose every single day to challenge the narrative and I invite you to do it with me.

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I truly believe it all starts and ends with us and what we believe.

If you don’t believe you can do it – you can’t.

If you don’t believe you can make money - you won’t.

If you don’t think you’re good enough - you’re not.

What you believe about yourself is what becomes true for you.

If these thoughts roll through your brain, its ok. Just because you have these thoughts, doesn’t make them true. Your thoughts are not fact. And the glorious thing about thoughts is that they can be changed and together we can rewrite them.

In Entrepreneur I will guide to to rewire your thought patterns and build the foundational beliefs that will lead to your inevitable success.

It’s in the power of the inner work where you will find the real answers. And again it’s not easy peasy, but it’s a different kind of hard than what others talk about when embarking on the entrepreneur journey. And for me, I continue on this path because I choose to. Would it be easier to show up to a 9-5 and receive a regular pay cheque? In some ways yes, but in other ways, I know I want so much more.

I want the freedom.

I want the opportunity for creativity.

I want to serve, to build, to grow. And above all else, I want the power to choose.

Don’t you?

Join me in Entrepreneur and let's do it a different way.

I can't wait to see who jumps into this with me! Eeeeee! I'm already excited.

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With Love and Gratitude,




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