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When it's not happening fast enough...

Hey Party People,

It’s March! How is it already March? The year started off SLOOOOOOWWWW for me, yet I still feel like March snuck up on me. Which is such a great reminder in itself. When we’re working through some of our shadows or doing the deeper inner work it can feel heavy and like it’s dragging on.

You might think, When do I get to the other side!? When is it going to feel easier?!

Those are the things I said to my mentor or my mama the past couple months. I’m doing the work, I'm resting, I'm allowing, I'm doing all the things! Yet I feel like things aren't shifting fast enough. Can you relate?

It’s easy to get caught up in wanting more and forgetting to revel in the moment. The present is a gift that we forget to accept as such. It’s normal. Society is always trying to push us into wanting more, eating more and doing more. There’s rarely a message of acceptance of the now or of what we currently have. Slow down and be in the moment. There are so many gifts that you’re missing when you’re always somewhere else.

Today I'm going to share with you a few things I do when my impatient is getting the better of me. I try to remind myself of the gifts that are available to me right now.

For instance. I long for a partner and I wonder when or if my person is ever going to find me. It’s easy for me to fall into a victim mindset and think it’s never going to happen. But instead, I do one of three things.

  1. I try to feel into the reality I want. I envision it already true. I envision waking up next to my person. I envision them coming home while I’m still diligently working. I envision us laughing together. I envision the reality I desire. This is manifesting 101. But sometimes that doesn’t work and I fall into a longing... aka a lack state where I don’t believe it’s coming. If that happens I shift gears and I refocus on my current reality.

  2. I connect to things in my life that wouldn’t be possible (or would be different) if I had a partner. I feel a little more grateful for having an ENTIRE bed to myself. I enjoy being able to eat whenever I want and whatever I want. I can shift in and out of external work, inner work, lounge life and nap time because no one is around to ask questions about what I'm doing with my time. I can revel in the freedom. I refocus, my attention on things that I enjoy about my life as it is right now. But again sometimes this doesn't work because I want things to be DIFFERENT than my life right now, so there's a third option I can lean on.

  3. I write down all the things that HAVE happened in this area of my life and identify the gifts the universe has already given me. And trust me there are gifts in every experience, you just need to be open to seeing them. So in keeping with the relationship theme, I’ll recognize the lessons I learned in my last relationship. I recognize the deeper awareness I have about who and what kind of relationship I want. I recognize the possibilities with people who have come into my life (romantic or otherwise). You never know when or how things can unfold.

All three of these options help put me in a state of gratitude and raise my vibration. I weave between all three of these depending on my mood and what’s available to me in the moment. I have to be open to seeing the gifts, believing in the possibilities for them to work to my benefit. So recognize your own energy and how you feel after putting these into practice.

These can be applied to any area of your life. Work, friendships or relationships, creative developments, business, etc. Choose which area you want to focus on. I’ll break these down a little simpler below.

  1. What do you desire your life to look like? Envision it as if it’s already happened. FEEL the feelings related to that reality.

  2. Connect to your current reality. What’s available to you now (that's exciting and freeing and preferred) that could change if your preferred reality came true. (these are also indicators of why you might be blocking your preferred reality – reach out if you want to go deeper into this stuff!)

  3. Recognize all the progress you have already made in this specific area of your life. What has the universe already provided for you?

So when it feels like things are moving too slow and your impatience is getting the better of you – I get it! I’m there on a regular basis but it has always worked out for me and continues to unfold exactly as it should. Trust the journey, you got this.

When you need a little pick me up or reminder to take it one step at a time throw on this party jam.

With Gratitude,


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