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That Temporary Fix

Hey Party People,

Why do we let ourselves continue to entertain what’s bad for us? You know those people, situations or substances that create chaos in our lives, but for some reason, we just can’t stay away from them. Or we think there isn’t a problem so we dabble here and there. These things feel good at the moment because they give us that temporary escape from reality, or that lil endorphin boost we crave. I know I’m not the only one that does this. It's hard to admit in some ways that we do things and choose things that aren’t good for us. And that’s why it's hard to change these behaviours, distance ourselves from those people, or just clean up our dang act. When trying to change we might even feel like something is wrong with us for wanting the things that are good because we’re so conditioned to the bad. So we make excuses and keep dabbling… anyone else feelin’ me on this?

By continuing to indulge in these toxic patterns we put ourselves on the back burner rather than choose what’s good for us. Why do we do this? Well my friends it’s because we’re addicted to the temporary fix. You are addicted to the numbing that social media presents. You are addicted to the feeling of ease when you smoke that joint. You are addicted to surface interactions because you can’t get hurt. You are addicted to men (or women) who aren’t good for you because you are used to not being chosen. We seek out what we know, we seek out what we think we deserve. And this shit is hard to acknowledge and even harder to change, but it IS possible.